Weston Florida Restaurants: Where to Dine Here

We love living in Weston, FL! One of the main reasons is because it offers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from from just about every part of the world. Today I’ll share what you need to know about eating in Weston, as well as share my take on the best restaurants in Weston.

Overview of Restaurants in Weston, Florida

  • Weston, Florida is a diverse foodie destination with a wide range of dining options including casual cafés, fine dining, and a vibrant scene for drinks like local coffees and wines.
  • Italian cuisine shines in Weston with popular spots like Tarantella Ristorante and Acquolina offering authentic dishes and happy hour specials, while international flavors can be enjoyed at restaurants like Bocas House and Japan Inn.
  • The Weston restaurant experience goes beyond just dining, with places like Duffy’s Sports Grill and Hooters providing a sports bar scene coupled with daily specials and happy hours for budget-friendly enjoyment.

What is the Best Restaurant in Weston, Florida?

acquolina restaurant weston
Located in the Waterway Shoppes in Weston, Florida.

Many people agree that Acquolina Italian restaurant is the best restaurant in Weston.  We are regulars there and for me, it checks every box.

Weston, Florida is a haven for those who love International food, presenting an array of eating venues that appeal to diverse taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick and casual bite at lunch or looking to indulge in an elegant dining experience during a festive occasion, Weston offers an abundance of choices to appease any appetite.

Most Popular Restaurants in Weston

We’ll start off at Tarantella Ristorante, situated in the bustling Weston Town Center. This beloved eatery is renowned for its oven-fresh bread, house-made pasta, and authentic pizza cooked in a traditional brick oven. Alongside these delectable offerings, an inviting outdoor patio provides an idyllic setting that solidifies Tarantella as a top destination to include on your food itinerary while visiting Weston.

Tarantella is solid, yet affordable Italian cuisine.  It’s been a staple in Weston for a very long time.

Continuing our tasty exploration brings us to Acquolina, as mentioned earlier, our favorite restaurant in Weston! This venue offers an extensive selection of classic Italian cuisine alongside fresh seafood specials daily, ensuring every visit offers something new and exciting. The combination of superior quality dishes and excellent service has firmly established Acquolina’s stellar reputation within Weston’s restaurant scene.

Not to be overlooked is Little Hen: this quaint brunch spot dazzles with its creative menu options and warm ambiance that both residents and tourists find irresistibly charming. Ideal for those unhurried weekend mornings where good food sets the tone for the day ahead.

We’re also very big fans of Keuh, which offers the freshest sushi in Weston! They are also the only venue in Weston’s huge offering of sushi that flies in fresh toro.

Concluding our tour at Negroni adds just the right touch of Miami’s South Beach flair to Weston’s local vibe. With enticing happy hour deals and live music coupled with a prime location in the corner of Weston’s Town Center, this one is a vibe that you can’t get anywhere else in town.

Italian Restaurants in Weston

Weston’s dining landscape cherishes its Italian food, with premier establishments such as:

  • Tarantella Trattoria Pizzeria
  • Bellini
  • Zona Blu
  • Acquolina

These spots are acclaimed for dishing out scrumptious family-style pasta entrees and distinctive Italian delights that exude exceptional flavor.  While there are many more options, a lot of people feel Acquolina and Bellini are the top two.  Would love to hear your comments in the space below if you have an opinion on this!

Particularly, Tarantella emerges as a sanctuary for aficionados of genuine Italian cuisine. Their selection presents an array of exquisite pizzas and in-house crafted pastas. Daily specials at Tarantella include a variety comprising:

  • chicken
  • veal
  • steaks
  • lamb chops
  • fresh seafood

Every dish stands as evidence to the rich gastronomic selections available within Weston’s collection of Italian diners.

It is not only about what’s on your plate though. Some restaurants enhance the culinary journey with enticing happy hour festivities where guests can indulge in delectable bites and beverages at reduced prices. Thus, whether you’re craving robust pasta or desire a soothing glass of wine after office hours, you’ll find that the hospitality offered by these eateries perfectly complements their sumptuous fare.

International Fare: A World of Flavor

Weston boasts a diverse food scene that goes well beyond the classic American menu, positioning itself as an international gastronomic hub with a wide variety of global flavors available in its restaurants.

Bocas House Weston is your go-to destination for exploring the rich and dynamic tastes of Latin America. Each meal served here epitomizes the region’s culinary zest, ensuring every visit is both unforgettable and palatably satisfying.

When Asian fare beckons, establishments like Japan Inn and Keuh stand ready to fulfill those cravings. At Japan, Japan is known as the Japanese Pavilion. Inn you can enjoy an array of Japanese-Thai fusion dishes including succulent sushi rolls while Keuh delivers exquisite Japanese cuisine that delights both taste buds and visual senses.

Comfort seekers longing for traditional American breakfast options will find solace at venues such as Mitche’s West Side Bagels or Offerdahl’s Grill. Renowned particularly for their delectable bagels, these spots offer up the quintessential comforting flavors reminiscent of home comforts.

Latin Restaurants in Weston

You’ll find no shortage of South American cuisine in Weston.  After all, it has many Venezuelans and Colombians as residents.  You’ll find venues like Panna, Arepa Magnet, Caffe Gourmet, El Colombiano, and Pequena Colombia, among many others offering their own takes on arepas, pan de bono, cachitas, and more.

Restaurants With Entertainment

But dining in Weston isn’t just about the food – it’s also about the experience. Restaurants like Duffy’s Sports Grill, Carolina Ale House, and Hooters offer a unique blend of dining and entertainment, making them popular hangout spots among locals and tourists alike.  When I say entertainment, you’ll get the games on.  There isn’t a live music scene in Weston other than for special events.

Duffy’s Sports Grill, for instance, is a haven for sports enthusiasts, boasting over 90 TVs and a varied menu that includes BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese. The enticing offer of 2 for 1 drinks all day, every day, is just the cherry on top.

Similarly, the Carolina Ale House and Hooters offer venues focusing on showcasing sporting events, allowing you to catch the latest games while enjoying tasty food and drinks.

Weston FL Happy Hours

Weston’s food scene also features a variety of daily specials and happy hour deals that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re looking for discounted rates on food and drinks or enticing cocktails, these deals offer a taste of Weston’s culinary scene at a fraction of the cost.

Many customers are drawn to the happy hour cocktails, staying for several hours to enjoy the selections. Some establishments even enhance their drink specials with appetizers such as tip tenderloins with fries and mushroom sauce during happy hour.  Check out our list of local bars in Weston for a more in depth look.

But it’s not just about drinks. Restaurants like Japan Inn, located in Weston Town Center, provide an array of lunch and happy hour specials every day, including choices like Sushi, Thai Japanese Cuisine, and Hibachi Steak and Seafood.


Here it is – a comprehensive overview of the restaurants in Weston, Florida. The city boasts everything from genuine Italian pasta to an array of global cuisine options and establishments ranging from sports-centric spots to those with alluring happy hour specials. Regardless if you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply in pursuit of a satisfying dish, there’s something for everyone in Weston’s rich food landscape. Enjoy your meal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular restaurants in Weston, Florida?

Explore esteemed eateries in Weston such as Tarantella Ristorante, Acquolina, Little Hen, and Negroni.

Are there any Italian restaurants in Weston?

Certainly, within Weston you’ll find Italian dining establishments like Tarantella Trattoria Pizzeria and Acquolina.

Does Weston have any restaurants with entertainment?

Certainly, in Weston, establishments such as Duffy’s Sports Grill and Carolina Ale House provide a combination of dining experiences along with entertainment for patrons.

Are there any happy hour deals in Weston?

Certainly, a variety of dining establishments in Weston present patrons with the opportunity to indulge in happy hour specials, providing reduced prices on both food and beverages.

What types of international cuisine can I find in Weston?

In Weston, an array of global flavors awaits, with culinary offerings including Latin American, Japanese, Thai and Korean cuisines to cater to a range of taste preferences.

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