Best Restaurants Grand Cayman (For All Budgets)

While the Grand Cayman dining scene will usually be familiar to the locals, visitors may not be so lucky. I’ve been visiting the Cayman Islands since the 1990’s and try to make it down from South Florida once per year.  We got engaged there last year, in fact!  This is my list of the best restaurants in Grand Cayman that I’ve personally been to.  I added pictures where applicable and created this guide to help other foodies visiting this little slice of paradise.

The information below is meant to not only give you a brief look at numerous restaurants, but it is also aimed at cluing you in on the kind of Caribbean cuisine to expect during your stay.

list of restaurants in grand cayman

Thankfully, there is something for everyone on the island. Simple tasty treats, intricate dinners, and special options for strict diets are all available. It’s a matter of what your palate may desire, and which of the restaurants is the most appropriate depending on that need.

You’ll be getting acquainted with three categories, which are the top six dining options, three restaurants that offer great casual experiences, and a list of other spots to keep in mind.

Now grab your fork, prepare your appetite, and take note of the juicy details below.

Top Six Grand Cayman Restaurants

A lot of these restaurants in Cayman that you’ll first see are in the upper tier budget wise. It’s no secret that Grand Cayman gets pricey, but know that these ones listed here are all fine dining experiences.


Morgans Restaurant Grand Cayman

If a waterfront dining experience is what you are after, the elegant Morgan’s is practically calling out to you. The restaurant may be found at the front of the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. Such a location creates a calming aura that is well complemented by the eye-catching views of Governor’s Creek. It also helps that the sound of Jazz will be soothing your ears.

You can expect to enjoy international dishes here, as well as seafood that happens to be ocean-to-table. The latter should be very attractive to those who want assurances that the ingredients being used are fresh. Seasonal conch, tuna sashimi, and ceviche (fresh catch) are just a few of the mouth-watering options.

This was our favorite place to eat in Grand Cayman.  So much so, that we ate here twice during a recent four day trip.  Read more as we wrote a full review of Morgans.

morgans restaurant

Meat lovers are not left out, thanks to tasty choices, such as jerk duck, grass-fed rib eye, and more.


LUCA grand cayman
Luca is located inside the Caribbean Club.

Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is where you’ll find this gem, which means the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea will be there for you to enjoy throughout your entire dining outing. If you’re looking to have a fine dining experience, complete with contemporary Italian cuisine, this is the place to be. A sleek and upscale interior immediately lets you know that you are dealing with an outstanding touch of class.

The location is incredibly versatile, offering more than appropriate options for business luncheons, Sunday brunch, sunset dinners, and even private celebrations. Quality presentation follows meticulous preparation that relies on nothing but fresh ingredients. Ask about the daily specials, as the menu happens to be a dynamic one.

I was blown away at the attention to detail here and as a fan of Italian cuisine, this did not disappoint.  They also have a very expansive wine cellar.

The Wharf Restaurant and Bar – Waterfront Dining

The Wharf Grand Cayman
We had a lovely meal at the Wharf.

Here is yet another solid option for those who may be interested in a waterfront restaurant. The outdoor seating by the Caribbean Sea creates a tranquil feel, which makes The Wharf perfect for a romantic dinner. Note that if you would prefer an indoor experience, there are a few dining rooms present that can accommodate you.

An international team of culinary experts is responsible for the appealing dishes you will be enjoying during your visit to the location. Yet again, you have a restaurant that uses nothing but the freshest ingredients available, which are used to create a host of local and international delights that you will love. The seafood offerings, in particular, are known as not only some of the best Grand Cayman has to offer, but they also rank highly among cuisine options across the Caribbean islands.

>> Read about our experience at Luca Here.

Blue by Eric Ripert

blue eric ripert

It says a lot when the culinary creations offered make a restaurant one of Grand Cayman’s premier options. The menu is the epitome of artistry. Seafood is, yet again, one of the strong points here. Of course, the catch is always fresh, thanks to Cayman’s fishermen who use responsible methods. You’ll be choosing from a three-course prix fixe menu, an Eric Ripert (seven-course) menu, or a four-course set menu.

If you are vegetarian or you require gluten-free options, there are varied selections that will appeal to you. Being known as the first and only Forbes Five-star restaurant in the Caribbean is a badge of honor that clues you in on exactly the kind of location you are dealing with.  This is located in the Ritz Carlton.

Blue Cilantro

Blue Cilantro

Blue Cilantro is a sophisticated restaurant, which is found along West Bay Road. It offers a dynamic fusion menu. Chef Shetty is known for a “quality begets quality” mantra, which sees only the most optimal fish and meat cuts ever being used. This also translates to selections of highly fragrant and fresh herbs, spices, and vegetables. Such an approach translates to delectable dishes that demonstrate no end to flavor.

The cuisine options offered here include seafood, Indian, gourmet, Asian, and international delights. It is nothing short of impressive how the fusion balances unexpected Caribbean flavors. The clay oven-roasted shrimp, spiced Yellowfin tuna, and scallops with local greens are some of the signature dishes you will be diving into here.

Agua Restaurant

If there’s one thing no one can take away from this restaurant, it is the way it innovates. Ever since Agua’s inception, the idea was to offer Italian cuisine that did not fall in line with the expected stereotypes. Going that route is one of the reasons for the popularity that is enjoyed today.

Expect an airy and stylish place that creates the perfect ambiance for you to enjoy delights, such as the 10z Skirt Steak, Tuna Tartare, and mouth-watering ceviche. Apart from the Italian inspiration, there are also gourmet, seafood, and international options available.

Agua stands as one of the innovators in the restaurant scene, thanks to its casually elegant feel, outstanding menu, and incredible service.

Best Casual Restaurants in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Burger

You don’t need to go the fine dining route to be able to find a good restaurant during your visit to Grand Cayman. Seven Mile Burger proves this. If you’re looking for more of a casual experience with more standard foods, you’ve found your spot. This is especially true if burgers and sandwiches are what you prefer.

Some of the standout options on the menu include the classic burger, jerk burger, black bean veggie burger, big wings, and chili cheeseburger. If it wasn’t abundantly clear what kind of restaurant you were dealing with, you have the option to make anything you order a combo, which adds a small serving of French fries, alongside your choice of a small juice, soda, or bottled water. Of course, choosing to make your meal a combo will attract an extra cost.

Anchor & Den

Found in the Marriott hotel, expect to be awestruck by the sheer flavors and innovation that the menu is famous for. The aesthetic is what you would expect from a stylish lounge, making it a great chill spot that you can enjoy while you have some outstanding food.

Just in case it wasn’t clear what the place is like, Rockin’ Ramen Night happens each Friday. As the name implies, you’ll be having tasty ramen and listening to an in-house DJ tear the house down. You’re advised to check in with the restaurant to see what may be on the horizon whenever you’re considering going. You may just catch the Indian Series, which tends to happen at intervals throughout the year.

La Casita

Your visit to La Casita will allow you to experience some of the standard East End tranquility. Expect to delight in Mexican cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. The dishes are faithful to their roots, meaning that you will be enjoying a true taste of Mexico during your time here. Fresh local produce is used to create the menu items, such as the Tacos La Paz, Tacón de Pescado, and Tacos De Champiñón Con Rajas.

The chefs and bartenders are Mexican, which explains why the flavors are so authentic. While you may be visiting for the tacos, you’ll find yourself sticking around to enjoy the amazing atmosphere that the restaurant offers.

Restaurants in Grand Cayman


If you enjoy fish and meat options that use a farm-to-table principle, it’s hard for you to go wrong with Abacus. The cuisine includes international, gourmet, and seafood elements that make use of herbs and spices that come from both local and regional sources. Iron chandeliers, contoured walls, and warm lighting make for a modern design.


Here is yet another restaurant that specializes in Mexican dishes. However, it also happens to be a celebration of the local produce available in Cayman. Again, farm-to-table preparation is at the heart of the menu options available, with organic items used for each dish.


If you head to the outskirts of George Town, you will find Allora. You’ll be enjoying a casual setting here, complete with Italian delights. This is where you would go if you’re interested in comfort food. There is even a kid’s menu available for the little ones!


Are you feeling for something Mediterranean? Aria would be one of the best choices on the island to give you that experience. High-quality ingredients, knowledgeable staff, and outstanding customer service are all part of the reputation that this restaurant has crafted for itself. This is one of the newer spots, having only opened its doors in 2023.


It doesn’t take much for you to see the influence of the ‘Bacari’ of Venice on this restaurant. Frederico Destro, the owner and chef, is responsible for the delights you’ll enjoy when you visit. The delicious small plates and seaside dining are bound to leave you wanting more.

Beach House

If you want a memorable evening, complete with idyllic views and an outstanding culinary experience, look no further than Beach House. There is a reason why the restaurant has managed to come away with the Taste of Cayman’s People’s Choice Award twice. Seafood, international, and gourmet options are the order of the day.

The Brasserie

You can credit much of the farm-to-table movement in Cayman to this restaurant. However, the bulk of the procuring of the ingredients is handled in-house. For example, the establishment owns two fishing boats that are used to catch the fresh seafood that will be cooked daily. It is also surrounded by an edible garden, which gives the unique feel of dining in nature.

Calypso Grill

Here is yet another seafood spot in West Bay that appeals to those who may be looking for a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere as they enjoy their food. The environment is delightful, and it seems to always be packed with locals.

Casa 43

Just off the Seven Mile Beach strip is where you will find this hidden gem. Should you be in the mood for tacos, it is hard to beat Casa 43, as it has some of the best-tasting options on the entire island.


There is a rich feeling of tradition and warmth synonymous with Casanova, and much of it comes from an excellent job being done by the staff. Imagine standard Italian pizza and seafood influenced by the Caribbean surroundings, and you have an idea of what to expect.

Cracked Conch

Some people prefer the classics, and if you are one of them, Cracked Conch may just be the place for you. Its doors were opened back in 1981, and much of its operation and atmosphere will give you a traditional feel. Even so, the menu happens to be very exciting.

The Falls Steakhouse

Only the finest cuts of beef are served at this steakhouse. You’ll enjoy the service just as much as you will the food, thanks to the incredibly friendly and professional approach that the staff members take. Special occasions and casual dining both fit in surprisingly well here.

George Town Yacht Club

Located on the waterfront at The Barcadere Marina, this is the perfect place for relaxation, especially if you’ve been out on the water. You’ll be enjoying fresh seafood dishes that make an excellent breakfast or lunch.

Guy Harvey’s Boathouse Grill

Here is yet another open and airy spot for those who enjoy that kind of outing. The ambiance gives off a marine vibe, which makes things feel tranquil as you dine. Try the classic Caribbean steam pot with regional lobster, and you will not regret the decision. For dessert, a traditional rum cake should hit the spot.

Harbour Grille

The vibe here is a very simple and elegant one. You’ll find this restaurant at The Shoppes at Grand Harbor, and it happens to be complete with quite the menu. There will be more options than you know what to do with, especially if you’re in the mood for home-cooked delights or comfort food.


Kaibo Grand Cayman
It was at this bar where we got engaged!

Two restaurants fall under the Kaibo umbrella. The first is Kaibo Beach, which offers a fine dining experience with a casual feel. There is also Upstairs at Kaibo, which is known for its innovative approach to cuisine.


You’ll find this one in the heart of Camana Bay. Think of the spot as an entertainment destination that happens to be the source of several interesting culinary creations. If you’re new to the small plate dining experience, this may be one of the best places for you to experience it for the first time.

Le Vele

Another Italian option is here for those who want to enjoy an upscale environment as they dine. One of the biggest sources of appeal is the pizzas made from a dedicated oven that happens to have been imported from Italy. One of the best times to visit is during the sunset, so you can enjoy a breathtaking view while you eat.


Mexican cuisine is on the horizon yet again, and you can see where authenticity is one of the hallmarks of the approach. Nevertheless, a modern flair is present in spades, and the fusion is apparent in the delectable dishes, such as the maize tortillas, fajitas, tacos, and handmade guacamole.

Ms. Piper’s Kitchen + Garden

Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is where you’ll find Ms. Piper’s Cottage, within which this hidden gem is located. There is a carefully curated menu here for guests to enjoy, which capitalizes on locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Three plate sizes are offered, which is great since your serving sizes will depend on how hungry you feel.


For the first time, there is a Mediterranean-Japanese restaurant on the list. It had an overhaul in December 2023, and it is now a stunning location, complete with beautiful ocean views. Dishes such as teriyaki chicken wings and raw oysters are sure to hit the spot.

Pane & Pasta

Italian cuisine is on the menu again, and this time it comes from a restaurant that is known for offering a family-friendly atmosphere that makes it suitable for everyone. Pastas, pizzas, soups, salads, and more are present in spades for you to choose from.


If the name didn’t already tell you, this is yet another Italian spot. It is known for its outstanding consistency, which is why it has created so many repeat customers over the years. You will find that it is often used as a location to host parties.

Seaharvest Restaurant (Sunset House)

The famous Sunset House is the home of this restaurant, and you could say that it is all but mandatory as a Caribbean experience. You’ll have a great time if you like an outdoorsy feel that is complete with tasty Indian and Asian dishes.

Steak Social

Try to imagine a classical steakhouse adapted to the modern era, and that is Steak Social. The customer service is outstanding, as are the top-tier cuts of beef.

Taco Cantina

The opening hours here range from lunchtime to late at night, and the cuisine consists of standard Mexican dishes. However, you can see some of the Caribbean influence, which makes for an interesting experience.

Tukka East

Local seafood is the order of the day, but there is an unmistakable Australian flair, which is unique among the restaurants that have been discussed until now. As the name implies, you’ll find it on Grand Cayman’s East End.

Tukka West

Expect more of the previous entry, but this time, the location is West Bay. The fusion of Caribbean and Australian cuisine is a must-have experience.

Union Grill & Bar

This is somewhere you’d go if you want to enjoy some good food and great cocktails. Indoor and outdoor dining options are available, and the menu boasts tremendous variety, including pasta, steak, and seafood.


Woto is the final option on the list, and it is known for its Japanese cuisine such as the standout chef-crafted sushi. There are also vegan and vegetarian options available for those who may need them. Sake, po-cay cocktails, and more are present to pair with your delicious meal.

How Do You Feel about the Best Restaurants in the Cayman Islands?

You just got introduced to a laundry list of the best restaurants in Grand Cayman, and they all appeal to different needs. Which one will you be visiting first? So long as you stick to the list, any choice is an excellent one!

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